Life always originates in fertile emptiness. The vast wasteland is broken and the green colour sprouts, born from the certainty of being abundant and never-ending. There is a place on Earth where lives are taken care of with the tenderness of a farmer. They water them as if they were rice plants from which they will extract the food that will turn into the breath that will hold their bodies later on. None of them knows how long the plant will hang in there, grabbing the soil and looking to the sky, but none of them stops taking care of it either: they just love it without expecting anything from it, they enjoy its quiet impermanence. They listen to it, as they themselves are the life that the plant gives them.

Life originates in fertile, abundant and never-ending emptiness. We enjoy its impermanence in silence.
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  • TitleLIFE RICE
  • CountryLaos
  • YearAugust 2009