It’s not always easy to understand nature. In fact, we are not always willing to understand her. We love her when she is beautiful and lush and when she opens up to us; when our feet touch the soil and get wet in the mud and when our hands can touch flowers and clarify them in the river water. We love her when the illusion of superiority takes over and we convince ourselves that we are gods, able to rule over her. Sooner or later though, nature reveals her supremacy and shows us that she can be as cruel, terrible, and rough as we humans, when we tear her belly apart with asphalt. I wonder if we can ever understand nature completely. Maybe if we fly over her jagged waterfalls they will remind us the last bite can come at any time.

Sometimes nature opens up to us, beautiful and lush. Sooner or later though, she reveals her supremacy showing us she can be cruel, terrible and rough...
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  • TitleZAMBEZI
  • CountryZimbabwe
  • YearJuly 2015