The noise, the synthesizers, the music that breaks through the crowd, the people, alcohol, the falls in the darkness of the lake, the kisses, the logs turned into circumstantial urinals, the confused squirrel, the top of the tree, the last leaf of the top of the tree, that will fall in exactly thirty days. The noise, the crowd, the kisses and the leaf will never be reflected in the lake again. They will disappear one by one and next year they will be replaced by more noise, more people, more kisses, more leaves. All the same, but always different. Only one thing will remain, silent, as if camouflaging itself: the immobile tree that has seen everything reflected on its water sky.

It remains silent, as if camouflaging itself… It is the immobile tree, that has seen everything.
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  • CountryArgentina
  • YearApril 2005